​​​​​​Who are the women of NC100BW?

• The typical Coalition member has a college degree, and holds a professional position.
• She is actively involved in the political and social life of her community.
• She can make a time commitment to the organization and it's activities.
• She is a risk taker and understands we must take risks to achieve our mission.
• She has leadership experience and is willing to share that experience with members     

  and the community.
• She has access to resources and influential people for the purpose of conducting chapter business.
• She believes in the mission and vision of the NC100BW Anne Arundel County Chapter.

​National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Anne Arundel County Chapter, is an inclusive advocacy organization for women of color.  We believe women should join our organization because they feel it is the right fit for them, and we provide a thorough application process to achieve this.

​​We are looking for women who:​

​Want to participate in an organization that unapologetically advocates for the needs of African American Women in the areas of career development, education, economic empowerment, health, political advocacy and gender equity.

Want to advocate versus doing community service.  What's the difference?  For example, community service is volunteering to tutor in an after school program.  Advocating is meeting in Washington DC with members of Congress to make sure "No Child Left Behind" is fully funded.  The result, after school tutoring programs are funded and staffed.  To the NCBW member, community service is a result of advocacy in action.

Display the characteristics of a Servant Leader.  A Servant Leader is a person who has an innate need to serve first which inspires them to lead as a way of expanding individuals and institutions.  She seeks leadership positions as a means of serving the greater good, rather than harnessing the power to promote her personal and professional goals.  A servant leader may or may not hold formal leadership positions.

Is willing to share her personal and professional resources with other NCBW members to encourage individual member and chapter growth.  National Coalition of 100 Black Women members are usually members of other progressive professional and service/advocacy organizations, thus creating large local and national networks and vast mentoring opportunities for all.

Is able and willing to financially support and participate in chapter activities by:

1. Submitting chapter dues and assessments in a timely manner

2. Participating in chapter activities 

3. Encouraging others to attend and support NCBW events 

We are particularly interested in members with knowledge and skills in program development, fund development, grant writing, web development, finance and public relations/marketing. If you are interested in learning more about our organization please complete the form on this page. We look forward to seeing you at our local events and activities, including our "Meet and Greet" Membership Information Meeting.  


For more information regarding membership opportunities email, theMembership Chair





Mailing Address:

National Coalition of 100 Black Women

P. O. Box 863

Hanover MD 21076 US



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